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Executive and leadership coaching

Yes, I still conduct leadership coaching upon referral.

Contact me to discuss further.

What's it about?

Executive and Leadership Developmental Coaching is about challenging, supporting and empowering individuals to take responsibility by bringing awareness to blind spots, enabling one to live and communicate as a wholesome leader.

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Used to doubt what coaching and other "motivational" approaches can bring, I finally got around to giving it a try, as the coaching as described by Tim was, I confess, quite inspirational as to the what, how and why… And yes, very very useful!! In these days of doubt and criticism of whatever is done, said or tried (hello Twitter and the rest of you….), I would tend to give in to getting caught up in my own mind. With Tim’s help to guide me through the steps, I could better understand myself, what strengths to use, what weaknesses to tackle, structure thoughts and mainly approaches towards goals and ambitions to fulfil. An enormous help, especially as an avid learner, I was struggling to find the right coaching, all too often geared to tell me what I wanted to hear rather than what I needed to hear to progress… Thanks Tim, and to everybody out there, one is never too senior to seek support, learn and grow……

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Going through this coaching process was one of the best coaching experiences I ever had. I can recommend this without reservation.

I call it “coaching +”, as there are proven tools given in addition to the work about everybody’s individual needs and focus areas, which I find very useful.

Working with Tim on this was fantastic. It was easy to open up and he has a great way of connecting, listening and challenging at the same time. 

Thank you so much Tim, you made a such a big impact to me, my life and my loved ones!





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Entering the coaching journey provided me with powerful tools, habits and mindset to successfully achieve my goals in life. Tim has been a perfect coach who guided my first steps in this journey, helped me to fully understand and exploit my personal skills and competences and left me with strong learnings and beliefs to pursue the journey.










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