Welcome to better health.


Activate the athlete within by unlocking the power of food.


Compassion - demonstrate empathy and understanding. Bring challenge and support in all interactions.

Curiosity - listen, question, and explore.

Authenticity - be ourselves in all interactions.

Response-ability - be accountable for our thoughts, feelings, actions and communication.

Result focus - strive to deliver better service.

Core beliefs

Being active, eating well, resting and recovering is vital for sustainable health. 

Leaning into areas of discomfort is the path to growth. 

Without our health we have nothing!

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About Tim

Owner of Integral Nutrition Coaching

Performance Nutrition Coach

Certified Coach

B. Eng. & B.Sc.

Student of the Graduate Diploma of Performance Nutrition at The Institute of Performance Nutrition

Lover of ultra trail running and the great outdoors

Family man

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