Integral Nutrition Coaching is a private health and performance company based in Switzerland. 


Welcome to better health and performance.


Provide sport and exercise nutrition support that does no harm, improves health and performance, and gets people feeling great about themselves.


Passion, Respect, Integrity, Determination, Enjoyment

Core beliefs

Being active, eating well, resting and recovering is vital for sustainable health. 

Leaning into areas of discomfort is the path to growth. 

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About Tim

Owner of Integral Nutrition Coaching

Performance Nutritionist and Mental Coach

Back to the past: Everything seemed to be in place for this Australian, who has always been in love with Europe. After studying Biochemistry and Chemical Engineering, Tim Lauricella held several management positions in international companies. An exciting career, travels in more than 40 countries… Then, as it often happens, there was a wake up call. For Tim it was the birth of his daughter and the death of his father that triggered the process. A process of reflection that led him to connect with his true passion: The search for a healthy life.

He has been an avid cook and sports enthusiast since he was young, so it was natural for him to focus on Performance Nutrition. With a Post-Graduate Diploma in hand, he created INC and set up an individual approach. He uses the science of sports nutrition and the insight of metabolic analysis, with the psychology of change, in order to reach a specific objective.

Beyond the image, it is a global state of mind that Tim advocates. A lover of challenges and of surpassing oneself, he loves to explore the mountains wearing ski boots or trail shoes, cycling or hiking. Activities that allow him to reconnect with himself, to change his habits and to respect his body.

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