Understand your metabolism at rest

And discover your limiting factor during exercise

Insight that feeds crystal clear, tailor-made training

And Personalised Nutrition that's simple and relevant

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Fitness Test and consultation

CHF 297

  • Fitness Test and Spirometry
  • Report and review of results with creation of a personalised training and nutrition strategy

Complete Test and consultation

CHF 447

  • Fitness Test, Spirometry + Resting Metabolic Rate Test (essential for any weight management goal)
  • Report and review of results with creation of personalised training and nutrition strategy

Test/Re-test and Coaching Pack

CHF 897

  • Initial test: Complete Test 
  • Reports and review with creation of a personalised training and nutrition strategy
  • Access to all-in-one nutrition coaching platform including delicious recipes, habit tracking, anytime support via message and more.
  • Re-test 8-12 weeks later

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Anywhere, anytime

Want to test on your own equipment at home? Or out in the field?

Want to bring an entirely personalised training and nutrition approach to your club that is grounded in science?

Want to offer your employees a clear path to better health and therefore improved performance and resilience?


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