You want your personal best health and performance

...but you're not sure where to start.

Life gets crazy. Responsibilities and work pile up and it’s easy to let our health and performance slip. The years go by and we don’t even realise how much our health has declined. 

Then one day we realise things must change. Gaining control over our body and mind takes on new urgency.

For some, it’s a health scare, for others it’s the loss of a close relationship or a life changing event. For others it’s the sportsperson in them seeking the next level of challenge and performance. And for others still, it’s when they finally realise they’ve spend so long taking care of others, they’ve neglected to pay attention to themselves.

When it’s time to improve health and performance it can be difficult to know where to start, let alone stay motivated and consistent; especially if you try to do it alone.

That’s where Integral Nutrition Coaching come in.

Our goal is to help you find your personal best health and performance and stay that way. Starting now.

Is this for me?

Let's find out.

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One-year online coaching with ProCoach

Energy flows where the attention goes. The ProCoach app provides daily focus for one year to keep your health at the forefront of your thoughts. Click below to learn more about ProCoach.


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Live coaching

Realise your potential. Engrained thinking patterns, preferences and personality type all play a role in your pursuit for greater health and performance. Individual coaching is a critical element to help you grow, adapt, evolve, and excel as a human being.

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Inspiring community

Leverage the power of social support to learn, share and grow together. Be part of a community of like-minded individuals, inspiring the evolution of a healthier you.


Discover more about ProCoach
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Download our free Guide to Calories

Empower yourself with a deeper knowledge of Energy Balance. Use this guide to demystify the topic and better align your habits with your desires.

You value the complete personalised experience

Create the transformation you are looking for. All communication is tailored to you, your goals, your struggles and your progress. We will have one year together to get you to where you want to be.


Start anytime. Hugely limited numbers!

  • 20 hours of individual coaching (face-to-face or virtual)
  • Personality type assessment and debrief
  • ProCoach access for one year
  • Unlimited messaging for small questions
  • Monthly food recipes - 30 new recipes to try for all meals with nutrients counted and featuring MyFitnessPal barcodes for easy tracking of daily consumption
  • Bonus: Workouts in ProCoach
  • Bonus: Access to our online High Performance Coaching program (a 'progress at your own pace' life coaching program)
Interested? Let us buy you a coaching session. Click here to schedule an exploratory call.

You want the personalised experience but on a budget

Benefit from the power of ProCoach for one year, plus monthly coaching sessions to keep you progressing towards your goal.


Starting September 2020. Places are limited.

  • 10 hours of individual coaching (virtual)
  • Personality type assessment and debrief
  • Messaging option between coaching sessions
  • ProCoach access for one year
  • Bonus: Workouts in ProCoach
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